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3 Features That Make Fort Bend County a Prime Residential Location in Texas

When people search for new locations to move to, they look for a number of things to determine the quality of life that will be presented to them. Unsurprisingly, Fort Bend county real estate for years has been successfully ticking off all the checkboxes interested homebuyers come with. What gives the area such appeal is the numerous benefits it offers to residents. In this blog post, we will highlight four beneficial features that make Fort Bend County a top place to live in Texas.

# Multiple Master Planned Communities

The location of multiple master planned communities (MPC) in the area makes Fort Bend more favored than a lot of other suburban developments. Also known as green towns or garden cities, these communities are extensive, versatile residential developments that include recreational public amenities such as parks, playgrounds, swimming pools and others. Some also offer commercial spaces such as stores and restaurants which enables residents to open their own business with the help of commercial real estate agents. In total, Fort Bend has thirty eight MPCs including some of the fastest-developing in the country, allowing a wide coverage of residents to access these amenities.

# Excellent Schools

One of the most important considerations that homebuyers make when scrutinizing a location is the quality of schools in the area. According to Niche, a trusted independent group that rates schools on the basis of multiple academic and cocurricular parameters, Fort Bend has are five public elementary schools that are rated at A+/A/A-, seven public middle schools rated at A+/A/A- rated, and four public high schools with A+/A ratings. The presence of multiple schools with consistent high ratings at all levels help to ensure that students receive excellent education throughout their school years. This enhances their eligibility for higher education at top colleges.

# Full of Activities For Kids

For families with children moving to Fort Bend, proximity to parks, recreational facilities, and day care centers is ideal. Fort Bent provides residents with lots of public amenities where kids and adults can partake in physical games and sports, as well as open spaces where families can go for picnics and quality time. With a considerable percentage of the population constituted by young parents, there are multiple daycare centers where children are educated and entertained during their parents’ absence.


From park and recreational centers, to quality education, Fort Bend offers a lot of benefits to its residents. It is no wonder that it is one of the most sought-after places by homebuyers in Texas. If you’re looking for luxury real estate in Fort Bend, A Team Realty Group offers expert services to homebuyers looking for property in the area. With their comprehensive service and assistance, you'll find the best property deal that perfectly matches your demands and requirements.

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